WI-FI Analytics

Real-time Visitors Behavior Analytics

Access real-time customer insight and venue interaction through built-in WiFi Analytics tools. Various tools and reports are available to help you analyze and segment your audience.

Leveraging IPERA Starling Guest WiFi platform over your existing network you can access valuable insights through Wi-Fi Analytics. It is similar to web analytics or google analytics, the platform has built-in real-time venue analytics; footfall analytics, passers-by vs. visitors, conversion & bounce rates, new vs. return visitors, frequency and loyalty. Wi-Fi Analytics enable business owners and marketers to truly understand their venues.

In addition, the platform can capture footfall numbers, and visitor analytics even if visitors don’t log in to the Guest WiFi. The platform has handful restful API, so the data displayed in the WiFi Analytics can be shared with external systems such as CRM or Big Data.

Key Benefits

Know new customers vs repeat customers

Learn how different demographic interact with your venue

Increase your guests visit duration

Discover what they like and dislike on social media

Learn their preferences: social network, device, browser

Utilize analytics data to implement targeted marketing campaigns


Get to know more about your visitors. Their profile information (name, nationality, email address and mobile number), demographics, preferred devices & browser information is available


Foot traffic and guest behavior with your venue. Know one-time visitors vs repeat customers and the frequency of their visits. Access information to understand to attract, engage and retain your guests


Hotspot Analytics provides the utilization of your WiFi hotspots across multiple zones and venues. Information includes average connection time, impressions vs connected, currently online users, bandwidth utilization, etc.