WI-FI Marketing

Automated SMS and E-mail Campaigns through WiFi

Marketers have a new way of communicating to their customers by empowering their venue to engage with their customers and deliver targeted marketing messages using built-in WiFI marketing tools

Retail Customer Experience & WiFi marketing


Promote your brand through welcome page, email, SMS and social platforms


Location based marketing based on customers location, frequency and identity

Retain customers

Send a birthday gift or re-engage with those that did not visit you recently

How It Works?


Create Your

Generate your Campaigns to be delivered to your segmented audience



Segment your customers based on age, gender and frequency of their visits


Deliver Targeted

Select the method you want to reach your audience (e.g.: SMS, Email, Social, Mobile App)

Case 1
Proximity Marketing Sms
Campaign Use

Sandra is second time visitor in your venue

Create New Visitors

You create a campaign targeting females that are visiting second this month


Sandra enters your venue for the second time this month


Sandra receives an SMS Campaign when seen in the venue through WiFi

Case 2
WiFi E-mail Campaign Use

Mike is a frequent visitor, was not seen recently


Create an E-mail or SMS campaign inviting important customers


Segment visitors based on visit frequency, age, gender and birthday


Mike receives SMS or E-mail message with WiFi Voucher Code

Personal & Engaging Wi-Fi marketing

Send targeted marketing messages to your customers based on where and when they spend their time most in the venue. Build context-aware messages and deliver based on demographics, age group, and visit frequency.

Guest Engagement

Build your digital customer engagement strategies
Communicate with them based on their interaction with your venue

Engaging Digital Communication Strategies

The role of Guest WiFi is evolving to encompass much more than mere connectivity. Organizations transform WiFi into business opportunities as the demand grows to provide free WiFi. It has created opportunities to turn WiFi into a point of guest engagement platform for businesses.

What is Wi-Fi Marketing?

Wi-Fi marketing allows businesses to generate marketing campaigns oriented towards a specific audience through collected Wi-Fi analytics. Keeping track of customer information such as age, gender and the frequency of visits can help create customer profiles. Accordingly, desired messages can be delivered across multiple channels such as SMS, e-mail, social media platforms or businesses’ own mobile apps by login tools used in guest Wi-Fi networks. As a result, guest Wi-Fi solutions can be transformed into powerful marketing platforms.

Wi-Fi marketing works across the coverage area of Wi-Fi technology and the devices that have access to the network. It enables automated SMS or e-mail campaigns to be delivered through Wi-Fi networks. Free Wi-Fi providers make use of this technology to recognize and utilize marketing trends. As a novel practice of communicating with users, Wi-Fi marketing integrates built-in tools to engage with customers and increase customer loyalty. It helps promote businesses through splash pages, captive portals, e-mail, SMS or social media platforms. Through these tools, targeted marketing messages are delivered to customer base.

Location based marketing is also being increasingly used to identify venues, visit patterns, frequency as well as user identity. Guest Wi-Fi networks which provide Wi-Fi analytics facilitate collection and storage of customer data to strengthen customer loyalty. Small gestures such as sending birthday messages or special gifts to loyal customers can help retaining them. Identifying those who are not visiting recently and getting in touch with them can help expand your customer base.

The Benefits of Wi-Fi Marketing

The ease of connecting to a free Wi-Fi network by one-click access provides actionable insights at the end of the process. Wi-Fi analytics retrieve valuable data from integrated splash pages and connected social media accounts. Storing this data helps businesses to understand the profile of their customers and the most effective ways to interact with them. These insights are monetized by means of multi-channel Wi-Fi marketing campaigns.

As the free Wi-Fi access will be granted upon viewing creatively designed content, Wi-Fi marketing platforms also facilitate real time customer interaction. Digital advertising tools targeted to increase customers such as customizable splash pages give businesses enhanced visibility. Alternative authentication methods through social media logins, e-mail or SMS enable the option of getting feedback. Personalized messages, social media posts or online surveys can be disseminated for better communication practices to potential customers or nearby users.

Cloud-based Wi-Fi marketing enables engagement with customers on a more personal level. It is proven to captivate users’ attention and bring them back to venue. As a result, businesses that use Wi-Fi marketing build a larger customer base and drive up revenue.

How to Utilize Wi-Fi Marketing

Free guest Wi-Fi networks attract great number of customers at a variety of locations. They are requested to share their data to have access, and businesses use such valuable customer data to set target audiences for their marketing campaigns. Businesses that utilise Wi-Fi marketing have full control over the type of data they aim to gather.

Customers have the option to connect with their phone numbers, social media accounts or e-mail addresses. Guest Wi-Fi service providers can creatively modify users’ experiences to increase engagement. Automated smart triggers through splash or landing pages can captivate customers’ attention. For instance, sending customised SMS messages through marketing platforms or third-party APIs based on customer data can help customer loyalty.

Businesses across a variety of sectors monitor footfall trends and customer behaviour to develop better marketing strategies. Incentivising users to reconnect also provides many additional benefits. Wi-Fi marketing platforms enable collecting data, analyzing it and optimizing real-time campaigns. Social media campaigns, chatbot initiators, loyalty coupons, mobile contests, guest feedback surveys and reputation management are among the Wi-Fi marketing tools to boost engagement.

What Is Social Wi-Fi Marketing?

Social Wi-Fi marketing provides cost-efficient digital solutions to gather analytic data on online platforms. Having access to these tools help capture customer data and market to them. Many guest Wi-Fi providers at retail locations set up access through splash pages that direct to social media accounts. The login process through social media accounts is called Social Wi-Fi. Using social networks for accessing a guest Wi-Fi network instead of the password-based option facilitates more targeted digital marketing. Also known as Social Wi-Fi marketing, the customer data reached after the customers login through platforms like Facebook etc. allows effective audience targeting through a variety of channels.

Social Wi-Fi marketing advances the connection with customers. Demographic and behavioural data collected through Social Wi-Fi help increase the foot traffic and eventual sales. Businesses gain a lot of benefits by using Social Wi-Fi marketing. Some of the benefits are increased brand presence and hyper-targeted marketing activities based on real-time customer data, which is comprised of digital advertising and e-mail marketing. Building valuable relations with customers is easier when the delivered messages are crafted based on specific data. It helps reaching out to segmented users more effectively. Knowing how the customers engage with the physical space can help generate more fruitful relations.

Are Wi-Fi Marketing Campaigns Compatible With GDPR?

Wi-Fi marketing campaigns are compatible with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU. High level security measures are taken to operate and conserve the personal data. The dashboards can be displayed and accessed by only authorised persons. Therefore, it does not risk any breach of personal data. Wi-Fi marketing solutions are fully compliant with the GDPR.

Adhering to GDPR rules and regulations gives customers full control over their personal information. Amending inaccurate and incomplete information, if necessary, is vital to ensure conformity with General Data Protection Regulation. IPERA gathers solely anonymous data of its customers including details about IP address, traffic, device type, browser or operating system. It acknowledges the customers’ right to access their personal data.

As GDPR regulates data privacy rules in the European Union, residents of the EU are entitled to the customer data rights. They may request full transparency over the collected data on their behalf through guest Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi marketing campaigns. They can ask for relevant amendments or entire abolishment of their personal information from the service providers’ database.