Posted at 19 Sep 2018

This article provides insights about how to utilize your free Guest Wi-Fi by providing better guest experience, yet communicate with them effectively to increase number of repeat customers that has direct impact on your business without spending any marketing penny. Have you ever thought that marketing is not all about spending million dollars to communicate with your target segment customers? Whether you are an hotelier, restaurant owner or hospital manager, you need more than customer satisfaction.  

Free WiFi comes with an investment. Your customers constantly demand for easy, secure and fast Guest Wi-Fi without filling complex login forms.

Majority of the service industries including smart cities, shopping malls, hotels, airports, event venues, retail stores, restaurants & cafes face the dilemma of providing free Guest Wi-Fi for the sake of customer satisfaction only with no clear ROI

It is now possible to expect return of investment (ROI) from your existing Guest Wi-Fi infrastructure using IPERA Starling Guest WiFi Engagement platform. You can provide a better customer venue experience and engage with them through social network as well as other communication channels. While they enjoy free Wi-Fi, you get to know more about your visitors, their behavior in your venue, their preferences and frequency of their visit.

This is provided through four simple steps within the Starling platform; Access > Analyze > Engage > Monetize

Guest WiFi Onboarding (Access)

Unlike traditional complex login pages, you can provide stunning fully customized splash portal that provides simple 2 steps login process using multiple login options like social login, self-register, click-through and more. You build customer database with their demographics, likes on Facebook, follows on Twitter and other preferences such as device and browser they use.

Insights & Analytics (Analyze)

Through BlueSpace built-in dashboards you get to know more about your customers and their action in the venue. You know where they spend their time most, what they like most on social networks, visit frequency, dwell time, new customers vs. repeat customers

Guest Engaging (Engage)

There are several Engaging Apps including that you can use to engage with your customers in the venue. Simply generate splash ads and deliver through splash portal. You can also build marketing messages that is delivered based on guest demographics and interaction in your venue through proximity marketing app.

In addition, you spread word of mouth through social networks. While your customers connect to the Guest Wi-Fi, you encourage them to post their presence on social media which gives you the opportunity to access their friends

Wi-Fi Marketing & Campaigns (Monetize)

Leveraging IPERA Starling Wi-Fi Marketing provides you to tools to deliver contextual customer engagement strategies which you can tailor your marketing messages to targeted customers such as top customers or customers that have not visited your venue within a period of time. This way you increase number of customer visits that has a direct impact on your revenue.

Starling platform provides you tools to engage with your clients and deliver context-aware marketing campaigns without spending bulk marketing budgets.

Starling is a cloud-based platform which does not require any IT investment. You can setup IPERA Starling in just 15 minutes