Posted at 07 May 2019

Guest Wi-Fi is becoming an essential tool for any businesses to connect with their customers. Understanding consumers is becoming more and more visible when enabling easy, secure and fast Wi-Fi for your customers. Small, medium and large business owners can take advantage of Guest Wi-Fi to launch digital strategies and connected experiences for customers. 

Knowing information about consumers is no longer available only to large retailers and other larger companies. In fact it costs zero marketing budget to know about your customers, their actions in your venue. Moreover using an effective guest engagement platform you can connect and engage with them by using context-aware location based marketing and engagement tools.

More and more small businesses are incorporating Guest Wi-Fi to their business strategy as a way to gain customer data and connect with consumer

IPERA Starling Guest Experience platform provides splash portals that is customized in your brand. It goes beyond connectivity and provides insights as well as customer engagement tools. The platform is a cloud-based software, integrated with your existing Wi-Fi hardware.

Guest WiFi & Customer Engagement platform provides three key benefits to business owners

Enhanced Venue Experience

Customer needs secure, fast and easy to login splash portal. Your splash portal must be sleek in design and reflecting your brand image. Customers will have multiple login options to use Wi-Fi including social network login, e-mail and mobile number and more. While they connect your Wi-Fi, you build your customer list to use for your engagement strategies. Moreover using Guest Engagement platform, you have the opportunity to promote your services on splash portal.

Customer Data, Insights and Analytics

Guest Engagement platform enables retailers and businesses to deploy Presence Analytics and Social Analytics to track historical and real-time visitor presence and dwell time as well as sentiment from Twitter feeds. Leveraging this data, retailers can strategically design their store layout and offerings, and have rapid-response to what customers enjoy about their shopping experience.

Customer Engagement

You know who your customers are, when and how often they visit your venue. You may use the data within your CRM, or alternatively there are unlimited number of opportunities that you can utilize this data to engage with them through built-in engagement tools. You build your marketing messages based on customer demographics and frequency of their visit. You engage with your customers using the following communication strategies

Proximity marketing – delivering targeted messages based on your customers behavior in the venue. You deliver targeted offers based on demographics, frequency of visit and preferences.

Campaigns – Engaging with your customers that have not visited through SMS, e-mail or even mobile app push notification

Social Marketing – by enabling social login options on your splash portal, your guests are given an option to post a message on their social network profile which helps to increase social visibility for your brand. You reach out to their friends on social network

Who needs it?

Any venue that needs to engage with their customers get benefits from WiFi marketing tools including shopping malls, hotels, restaurants & cafes, retail stores, airports and smart cities

IPERA Starling Guest Experience platform is a cloud based software. It takes 15 minutes to setup and start seeing benefits.