Posted at 19 Sep 2018

A powerful Enterprise Guest Wi-Fi Analytics & Marketing tool provides marketers communicate with their customers based on their visit patterns and behavior as well as demographics and social likes

We at IPERA often get questions about how to calculate the ROI. Our usual response to this will be that it depends in which industry you operate. Each business values a customer from different aspects.  A Hotel Operator’s main objective to build direct relation and engagement to increase loyalty whereas a Health Clinic is much into communicating important information with their visitors while increasing Clinic experience and collecting feedback through built-in survey tools.

The role of marketer has evolved from traditional conventional marketing to digital marketing. They need to justify any investment with measurable returns when selecting a Wi-Fi marketing platform. Whether the purpose is to increasing footfall, building loyalty, growing CRM database or engaging with customers, this tool helps them to see the actual value through Guest Wi-Fi marketing platform.

Regardless in which business you operate, three key elements contribute to value that can be generated from your existing Guest Wi-Fi;

  1. Enrolling to Customer Database when connecting to Venue Guest Wi-Fi
  2. Increasing Likes / Check-ins on Social Media
  3. Online Reviews

1. Enrolling to Customer Database when connecting to Venue Guest Wi-Fi

Any new record in your CRM database is a potential customer for business. How do you value any new potential customer for your CRM?

2.Increasing Likes / Check-ins on Social Media

Social media plays a great role to promote businesses through word of mouth. A new like or follow means a potential new client to your business. IPERA Starling Social Wi-Fi App increases business visibility through automated check-ins, likes or follows on social networks. This helps business owners to reach friends and friends of friends on social media

3.Feedback & Online Reviews

A good online review is the best for word of mouth with no marketing cost. Online reviews media channels attract new customers for any service industry including retail, malls, hotels, theme parks or even public services. Avoiding any negative review and recovering bad service while the customer is at your venue will not only improve your services but also avoid negative reviews and comments

Starling Guest Experience & Analytics App helps business owners such as restaurants, theme parks, malls and hotels to enhance engagement monetize their investment and increase overall profit.

Guest Wi-Fi ROI Value Calculator

A simple calculation is explained below based on feedback from our customers in retail, malls, restaurants, theme parks and hotel industries

Monthly new footfall assumed for a medium size venue: 20,000 visitors

Conversion to Wi-Fi Enrolled Customer: 20% of 20,000 visitors = 4,000 customers

Social Logins: 80% of Wi-Fi Connected Customers = 3,200 Social Followers

Online Reviews: 5% of total visitors = 1,000

Estimated value for each parameter (CRM Record, Social Follower, Reviewer) is assumed at $5 at average

Total estimated monthly revenue is: 4,000 * $5 + 3,200* $5 + 1,000 * $5 = $41,000